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2017 Silver Gull Play Award

November 22, 2016

subtlenuance is proud to announce that entries are now open for the 2017 Silver Gull Play Award.
This award will recognise an outstanding play by a local writer that explores philosophical or political themes.

The award is sponsored by The Buzz From Sydney
It will be administered by subtlenuance

The aim of The Silver Gull Play Award is to encourage interest in theatre that both offers insight and encourages action.

In 2017 the award will be valued at $2,000.

Philosophical? Political?

Both these words resist simple definition – which is part of what makes them so ripe for theatrical treatment.
It’s impossible for us to tell you exactly what we want.
We want to be surprised.
To be shown new worlds.
But we’ll offer this as a starting point:
A philosophical play invites us to consider how (our) thoughts make the world.
A political play invites us to consider how (our) actions make the world.
Neither assume the world is unchangeable.

Previous winners of the Silver Gull Play Award

2015 Tick Tick Boom by Melissa Lee Speyer
2016 People Will Think You Don’t Love Me by Joanna Erskine


To be eligible for The Silver Gull Play Award, plays:
a) Must explore themes that are political and/or philosophical. (Please see the earlier note)
b) Must be at least 60 minutes in length.
c) Must be unpublished and unproduced.
d) Must be unencumbered by agreements for future production or publication.
e) Must be the original work of the playwright.
f) Must be written by a playwright who resides in NSW.
g) Must be written by a playwright over the age of 18 years as of April 30, 2017.
h) Must not have won, or been shortlisted for, another Australian playwriting competition as of time of entry.
i) Must not be a re-writing of a work from one format to another (e.g. a radio play adapted as stage play).

In sending us your play you assure us that you have read the eligibility criteria for The Silver Gull Play Award. You declare your eligibility under the criteria listed. You guarantee you are the sole copyright holder of all material used.

Entry terms and conditions:
a) Playwrights may submit only one play for consideration. They may not submit a play previously submitted to this award.
b) The decision of the judging panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The judges reserve the right to decide any questions of eligibility, to publish a shortlist and not to make an Award,
c) The winner of the Award will be announced in August 2017.
d) subtlenuance does not commit to programming or producing the winning play. The playwright retains the rights to their play.
e) The 2017 Award will be valued at $2,000.
f) The work must be submitted electronically via email.

Your entry should do the following: (Entries that do not fulfill these requirements will be deemed ineligible)
1. Include the following personal information in the body of your email: Name, Residential address, Phone number, Play Title, and Number of pages in the script.
2. Attach to your email an electronic copy of the script as a pdf. Please label the pdf file with the title of your play. Do not include your name anywhere on the script. Please number the pages.
3. Attach to your email a detailed synopsis (of approximately 350 words) as a pdf. Please ensure the title of your play is at the top of this page (and not your name). Please label this file with “title of your play_synopsis”. In the synopsis you must include a section which outlines why you believe your play fulfils the requirements of being an exploration of philosophical and/or political themes.

Please do not print your name anywhere on the script or synopsis. Entries are judged anonymously and your name should appear only in the body of your email.

Email your entry to by midnight April 30, 2017.
Queries should be directed to the above address.

Timetable of dates for The 2017 Silver Gull Play Award
22 November 2016 entries open
30 April 2017 entries close
July 2017 shortlist announced
August 2017 winner announced



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